cost estimation

Bids Estimation provide complete cost estimating services that cover all the phases from conception through the design and documents. We are a team of professional quantity surveyors that specializes in all facets of cost estimation. Our team and clients around the globe help us to improve our creativity and productivity. We effectively utilize our wide range of skills towards the data-driven advice, for our clients, in all related aspects of their construction projects. We provide our clients, detailed and reviewed documents, which include quantity surveying, material, labor and equipment pricing with additional cost considerations and project cost monitoring. Amongst various standard services, we offer, preparation of material take-offs schedules, preparation of estimates of most probable costs and project cost monitoring. Using rigorous guidelines and CSI format, we develop estimates for all construction trades. We use the latest software and utilize advanced estimating tools for digital quantity take-off. For cost optimization and a clear understanding of the project, our experts prepare detailed reports, and itemized excel sheets.

Our process

Step 1

To fully understand the project and to analyse the basic needs of the client, we start with preliminary assessment of provided documents and evaluate the drawings in detail.

Step 2

A few formal meetings with the professional team, and if needed with the client, are arranged to discuss the project, to assign tasks and to prepare schedules for timely delivery.

Step 3

With the provided drawings, detailed and digital quantity survey is performed, to prepare quantity-takeoff schedules, adopting standard formats.

Step 4

Using standards and reliable resources, we provide most probable cost estimates for material, equipment and labor, considering additional cost adjustments for specific project conditions.

Step 5

For quality control purposes and to ensure adopted procedures and techniques, our cost estimate reports get reviewed by our experts before final submission to the client.

Step 6

After thoroughly discussing the project, its specifications and cost estimates, our team ensure that we have really met all the requirements of our valuable client.