Bids Estimation Inc is a professional company, having a team of leading experts. Our professionals are result-driven, focused, and creative solution finders with a passion for learning and solving problems. We offer specialized and reliable cost estimation services, across the world, at a highly competitive fee. We are diverse, and diversity is our strength. General contractors, owners, trade contractors, developers, consulting engineers, consulting architects, cost consultants, construction managers, and consulting quantity surveyors are our clients.

1.Our team

Our team and clients around the globe help us to improve our creativity and productivity. We effectively utilize our wide range of skills towards the data-driven advice, for our clients, in all related aspects of their construction projects. We provide our clients, detailed and reviewed documents, which include quantity surveying, material, labor and equipment pricing with additional cost considerations and project cost monitoring.


Types of projects that we handle include, commercial and residential buildings, industrials building, transportation engineering, hydraulic structures, historic preservations, and specialized services. Using the latest market trends, we adopt innovative ways to provide our deliverables expeditiously. For every project, we evaluate the needs of our clients and meet all the requirements in a fast turnaround time.

3.Reasonable fee

At a very reasonable fee, we strive to provide the services more than our client’s satisfaction. Our adopted procedures and reports get duly reviewed, by our senior professionals, for quality assurance purposes. We handle all projects strictly following the universally recognized principles of professional ethics. All your communications and project details remain confidential.

Other Services

Other than preparing material take-offs and cost estimates, we also provide our services for project cost monitoring and material procurement. To maintain and to reduce cost without eliminating resources, we ensure that a project’s budget is on track and the project is within planned scope.